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Dedicated to providing education, information, and organization to those interested in turning wood.

BIG NEWS!! Derek Weidman is coming to Maui!! Mid September 2022 Stay tuned for exact dates! Hands-on classes spots are available!

Watch our "Artists in Profile" TV series on Akaku public television channel.

Rapid Ohia Death, what you need to know. General info. Please read and educate yourself if you are planning on moving wood between the Islands and or to the Mainland.


Help prevent spreading Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death by practicing these five things:
1. Avoid injuring ʻōhiʻa.  
2. Don’t move ʻōhiʻa wood or ʻōhiʻa parts.
3. Don’t transport ʻōhiʻa inter-island.
4. Clean gear and tools, including shoes and clothes, before and after entering forests.
5. Wash the tires and undercarriage of your vehicle to remove all soil or mud.

Ohia picture by Emiliano Achaval
Ohia in the forest. Help us keep them healthy! Picture by Emiliano Achaval
Yellow Ohia
Maui bee on a yellow Ohia flower. Picture by Emiliano Achaval. To read more about Rapid Ohia Death:
queen Kaahumanu center
August 25th 2017. The Maui Woodturners Association did a demo and fundraised at the island's largest mall: the Queen Kaahumanu center!! We used our AAW EOG Grant lathe. We are planning on going back in December! You can do your xmas shopping with us!
Emiliano Achaval
Maui Woodturners Association Club President, Emiliano Achaval, demonstrating boxes with hand chased threads at the 33rd annual AAW symposium in Raleigh, North Carolina, July 12th 2019
do not use lichtenberg
The Maui Woodturners Association does not endorse any work embellish by Lichtenberg burning. Too many deaths have occurred with this hazardous technique.

We have been awarded the 2017 Educational Opportunity Grant by the American Association of Woodturners! A Nova Teknatool Comet II Lathe with a Nova chuck and full set of tools!! This will help the club with our continuing efforts to educate and promote woodturning in Maui!

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Nova Lathe
Australian woodturner Guilio Marcolongo visited Hawaii. We were very fortunate that he had enough time to come to Maui!! He gave us a great demo. Below is some of his work.
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Guilio's work!
Stacks Image 4264
Some of Guilio's new work, he will show us more than one thing on his demo.
Stacks Image 4261
Guilio's offset turning bowl
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Maui’s Chapter Club, for all skill levels. We are here to help you, join us for some great fun with fellow woodturners!!
Discover woodturning

Take a look at the American Association of Woodturners website. It is full of information and now you can join for free for 60 days!! Click on the image above to get started!!

Maui Upcountry Fair
One of the world's most famous artist woodturner, Betty Scarpino giving a demo for the Maui Woodturners Association. September 21st 2016.
Video Source
There is nothing worst than watching a YouTube woodturning video only to find out that "the expert" showing you something knows lees that you! The AAW is watching and approving good quality videos, don't waste your time surfing for online turning videos, click on the image to go to the AAW Video Source. If you are not a member, you can join for free for 60 days!!